Erika Klemperer MBACP (Accred.), BPC, BJAA (bpf) Counselling in Golders Green, North West London

"I'm still not sure therapy is for me..."

THINK what it might feel like to know that there is a quiet hour reserved just for you every week.

IMAGINE being able to talk freely with someone who listens to you with undivided attention; someone who you can trust to keep what you say confidential and who holds you in deep respect.

CHALLENGE yourself to try something new- who knows, by seeing a therapist you may discover that there is more to life than you thought possible!

Comments from clients, this year were: “ I never knew it could make such a difference to my life.”

“Talking to you soothes my soul and gives me the courage to continue the pursuit of a better life.”

“Thank you so much for your help. My troubles are more manageable, less daunting.”

“I am grateful. Your insights and compassion have shown me a new path.”

About Jungian Analysis

Analytical psychology is a school of psychotherapy that originated in the ideas of Carl Jung (1875-1961). Jungian analysis emphasizes the importance of your individual search for a sense of wholeness. Analysis is about removing obstacles that are keeping you from living life fully. It consists of meeting several times a week for conversations where you are helped to explore and to integrate parts of yourself of which you are unaware, or unconscious.

How do you become aware of these unconscious parts of yourself? The conversations can include understanding the symbolic meaning of your dreams, helping you to understand difficulties in your daily life, such as working with depression or anxiety. It can also illuminate challenges in how you relate to others, including your analyst. Your thoughts and feelings are reflected upon by your analyst and reflected back to you in a highly personalised manner which help you to see yourself more clearly.

Analysis enriches your experience of yourself and enables you to bring about deep – seated, life long changes in your self and your life.

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